Conference Dinner

Conference dinner will be held at Madklubben (en: the Food club), on November 11, 7pm. The address is Store Kongensgade 66.

Travel instructions from conference venue (approx. 25 min.)
From Nørre Allé (the main road outside the university campus), take any of the buses 42, 43, 184, 185 or 150S (headed for Nørreport St.) and go to the final stop Nørreport station. At Nørreport station, walk down Nørre Voldgade (in the direction leading away from the train station) when you reach the intersection of Nørre Voldgade and Gothersgade, turn right. Follow Gothersgade until you reach the open plaza (Kongens Nytorv), here you turn left at Store Kongensgade and continue until you reach number 66 (approximately 300m up the street). Show route on large map

Travel instructions from Comfort Hotel Østerport (approx. 10 min.)
From Østerport train station (just outside the hotel), take any of the buses 1A, 15 or 25 (from the same side of the road as the hotel) to the stop Fredericiagade (on Store Kongensgade). Just follow Store Kongensgade until you reach number 66 (approximately 200m).

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