Travelling Instructions

Getting to Copenhagen
Copenhagen airport is very well connected to downtown Copenhagen via the metro and regular trains. It is also possible to take either a bus or a taxi, but the first two options are more convenient than the former and cheaper than the latter.

Participants staying at Comfort Hotel Østerport
From airport to hotel: Take the Metro to Nørreport station, all the metro trains from the airport stop at Nørreport station. At Nørreport, change to any S-train headed for either Klampenborg, Hillerød, Holte, Farum or Østerport. Get of at Østerport station (only one stop from Nørreport station), and when you get to street level you find the hotel opposite the station building. The trip is through 3 zones, costing you 34.30DKK if you buy a single ticket. It is recommendable to buy a ten trip discount card at the airport for 2 zones and stamp it twice before entering the Metro, this way the trip will cost you 27DKK. The discount card can also be used when getting to an from the conference venue by bus.

From hotel to conference: Take bus number 15 from just outside the hotel, in the direction of Østerbro(Ryparken). Get of at Vibenhus Runddel and walk the 9 minute walk. The trip is through one zone, but since you have to buy at least two zones it will cost you either 23DKK for a ticket bought on the bus or a single stamp on a 2 zone discount card (13.50DKK).

Public Transportation in Copenhagen
The site Journey Planner connects all three major means of public transportation in Copenhagen; metro, trains and buses.

You use the same ticket in the bus, on the train and metro. Tickets can be purchased from ticket offices, from vending machines at stations or from bus drivers. The tickets are stamped with time, date and departure zone. You pay for the number of zones you need, but the minimum fare is for 2 zones and the maximum for 9 (all) zones.

Discount cards are available for 10 journeys within two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight or all zones. It is cheaper per journey to use a discount card than to buy a ticket.

When starting your journey, you must punch the card in a yellow card-clipping machine on the bus or at the station. One clip entitles you to travel within the number of zones printed on the face of the card. Several simultaneous clips extends your period of travel and increase the number of zones you can travel in. You can clip for a maximum of nine zones, which enables you to travel in all zones for a period of two hours.

All discount cards are available from manned stations and from ticket offices. You can buy discount cards for two or three zones from most vending machines at stations.

You must keep tickets and discount cards throughout the journey and present them to ticket inspectors on request.

Validity of tickets and discount cards:

2 – 3 zones: 1 hour
4 – 6 zones: 1 1/2 hours
7 – 8 zones and All (9) zones: 2 hours

Photo: Anders Lundgren, BackHome.dkPhoto: Anders Lundgren, BackHome.dkPhoto: Mikael Colville-Andersen,